Mining Equipment Leasing and Plant and Vehicle Maintenance Services

Underperforming machinery and broken equipment are causes of delays that can snowball into huge financial losses. As brand-new industrial equipment, machines and vehicles (plus maintenance) will no doubt cost a fortune, companies that are unable to fund such purchases on their own can find cost-effective solutions from Tucker Dust & Diesel.

Reducing Downtime and Cutting Losses for Industrial Clients

Keep your operational capacity stable by sourcing well-maintained equipment and industrial-use vehicles from Tucker Dust & Diesel.

We solve issues of equipment downtime and operational lags in three ways:

  • We Equip (Equipment for Hire) – We lease heavy diesel equipment, heavy machinery, vehicles and other accessories for industrial sites.
  • We Maintain (Services for Hire) – We offer our services as trained and experienced technicians specialising in the repair and maintenance of vehicles and heavy equipment and machinery.
  • We Man (Personnel for Hire) – We fill the gaps in your workforce with experienced heavy diesel plant mechanics.

Read more about each service below.

Cost Effective

Keep your operating costs at an affordable rate by renting instead of buying new equipment.

High Quality

Our equipment and vehicle for lease are new and well-cared-for models that operate at 100% efficiency.


Ensure worker safety in your facility as our equipment are all assessed for WHS compliance.

Community Driven

Our business creates employment opportunities and apprenticeships for the local community.


When you lease our equipment, you also benefit from our routine maintenance and repairs.


We make sure the equipment and technicians you hire arrive on time, wherever you need them.

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