Cost-Effective Diesel Equipment for Hire and Plant Maintenance Services

Stay on 100% operational capacity with our heavy diesel equipment leasing, labour-hire, mobile plant maintenance services. Enquire today.

Achieve Peak Operational Efficiency with Tucker Dust & Diesel

Establish a high operational capacity wherever necessary by capitalizing on our robust, high-performance equipment that can meet your production and output demands. Tucker Dust & Diesel offers a broad variety of heavy diesel equipment and vehicles with the option for wet and dry hire. From our headquarters in Boulder, we can supply equipment, labour and maintenance specialists to construction facilities and mining sites in Western Australia. 

  • 100% Aboriginal-owned
  • Community driven
  • Safety and standards compliant

Our Services

Make your capital count with Tucker Dust & Diesel. 

Mobile Plant and Vehicle Maintenance

Minimize downtime and disruptions to your daily operations by securing the services of our repair and maintenance specialists. We deploy mobile technicians and trade-qualified personnel to perform plant and equipment maintenance, whether scheduled or an emergency.

Mining Support Equipment Leasing

Save on costs while increasing operational capacity by leasing operation-critical equipment from Tucker Dust & Diesel. We offer cost-effective leasing solutions as an alternative to acquisitions of expensive, brand-new, heavy diesel equipment and vehicles. We invest in newer models and stringent maintenance routines so that you get the highest value for your money.

Labour Hire

Anytime you need the expertise of mechanical fitters, automobile electricians and HV electricians, send for our technicians from Tucker Dust & Diesel. As a community-driven, Aboriginal-owned company, we provide professional services while promoting the skills of experienced personnel and highly-trained apprentices from the local community.

Why Choose Us?

We give you the highest quality of mining equipment, maintenance and labour services possible. We look forward to building a lasting relationship built on transparency, integrity, service excellence and trust.

Our motivation is beyond business. As a community-driven company, creating professional employment opportunities for local residents and promoting their skills through extensive training are part of our mission and vision. Moreover, we aim to set the standard for mining equipment leasing and maintenance services in Boulder, WA.

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What Our Clients Say

Interested in Our Equipment Leasing and Maintenance Services?

We serve mining and quarry companies operating in Western Australia. We also provide equipment, labour and plant and vehicle maintenance to industries that use heavy diesel machinery. Our customer service can give you more details about our services. Call, email, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

Tucker Dust & Diesel provides heavy diesel equipment and labour for hire, as well as mobile plant and vehicle maintenance services. We operate in Western Australia, providing quality and cost-effective solutions to clients in the mining, quarry, construction and industrial sectors.
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