About Us

Tucker Dust & Diesel is an equipment and services leasing contractor offering industry-leading light and heavy diesel equipment, earth-moving machinery, lighting towers, water trucks and other industrial vehicles and equipment. We supply the material and specialist needs of project-based contractors, companies and facilities all over Western Australia. 

Company Profile

A 100% Aboriginal-owned company that takes pride in its local heritage and community, Tucker Dust & Diesel was formed to fill the need for a dependable and accessible contractor for heavy diesel equipment and maintenance services in Western Australia. Our commitment to excellence, industry experience, and access to hardworking, local professionals gives us a singular ability to meet the material and specialist needs for mining, quarry, construction and industrial operations.

We aim to build a bigger presence in Boulder and the rest of Western Australia as the go-to contractor for top-tier mining equipment and maintenance services.
Beyond expanding our business, our long-term vision is to create employment opportunities for the local community and upskilling the next generation through apprenticeships and traineeships.
We aim for excellence and practice integrity in everything we offer and do, from the equipment we lease to the maintenance and other specialist services we conduct.

We specialize in Mobile Plant and Vehicle Maintenance, Mining Support Equipment Leasing and Labour Hire. Through these services, we help companies maintain cost-efficiency without sacrificing output volume or quality.

Every inventoried machinery, equipment and vehicle undergo routine checks and performance tests by qualified technicians. We maintain high standards for functionality and quality, not only to satisfy your production needs but also to ensure compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984. We uphold equally stringent standards for our equipment maintenance and labour-hire services, ensuring that clients get maximum value from their investment. 

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We are headquartered in Boulder, Western Australia and service companies in the mining, quarry, civil and commercial construction industries. We offer a broad range of earth-moving, water-carrying, lighting and transport equipment. We also give a free quote for service, personnel and equipment rates. 

Tucker Dust & Diesel provides heavy diesel equipment and labour for hire, as well as mobile plant and vehicle maintenance services. We operate in Western Australia, providing quality and cost-effective solutions to clients in the mining, quarry, construction and industrial sectors.
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